Designing schemes to be planted in the traditional way with nursery grown plants is Plantforms main service.

Planting Design.

Ecologically informed planting design is appropriate in projects of all scales. In essence it means more rigorous matching of plants to site and creating plant communities rather than just pretty pictures. Of course aesthetics are never compromised - why should they be with the wealth of plants available to the designer these days?

Each scheme is unique, a response to the clients, and the conditions at the site. I favour a naturalistic look principally because this allows for a more sustainable scheme. Although if you'd rather a more traditional or even contemporary look then that is never a problem. You can see from the portfolio page that I have planted in numerous styles.

A planting plan is really just about making best use of plants in a given space. Plants are the living element that really makes the garden. If they are used badly even a good garden design will be compromised, used well and even an average garden can become a remarkable space. So please do get in touch to discuss your landsacpe or garden project. Planting design needn't be expensive depending on the complexity of the job. Small gardens plans start from £750.