Step 1. You get in touch and we arrange to make an initial free site visit.

Step 2. Having seen the site and discussed the job I prepare a quote for design work.

Step 3. On acceptance of the quote I return for a more detailed discussion to create the design brief.

Step 4. For a full landsacpe design a survey is usually required which I can arrange.

Step 5. I produce an 'outline plan' which is a sort of draft and return to check I am on the right track.

Step 6. I produce the final plans to enable the garden to be constructed and/or planted.

This process has been worked out over the years and makes sure that you are involved in the design process. This way you get the garden you want. It is really important to me that you are happy with the design, I will not hand them over until you are.


Small simple gardens £2000

Small complex gardens £2500

Medium simple gardens £3000

Medium complex gardens £3500

Large simple gardens £4500

Large complex gardens £5500

Very Large landscape designs are charged for as a proportion of the build cost, currently 10 percent.

Complex gardens are those that have level changes, require planning or have other special requirements.

Travel costs to and from meetings will be additional if you are beyond Edinburgh.

Work beyond producing the plans such as sourcing plants and materials, dealing with contractors or planning etc is charged at £60 per hour.